Project Finance Development Cycle

( Only HANE GLOBAL ( A+ , B+ , C+ ) Special Members Can Apply )

Financial credit advisory, financial loan and investment partnership project development project consumption indicates that a business investment is over until it becomes a project financed by the country, institution, or company that provides financial advisory services by HANE.

There is no standard application formula for financing HANE financial advisory services.

A foreign or domestic country, institution or company or entrepreneur who wants to establish a new venture or an existing business can apply directly to HANE.

This is best done by reading how to apply for funding and submitting an investment proposal.

Phases of the Cycle

1. Business Development

The achievement of HANE's strategic goals determines the appropriate designs of the financial management investment and business development team. This initial meeting with the customer is critical as it helps us understand requests and determine if HANE has a role.

2. Early Review

The team prepares a description of the group, HANE's leadership, expected contribution to development, and benefits for divestment and potential deal breakers. Lessons from previous projects are taken into account here and a pre-evaluation visit is made to identify some circles. HANE senior management then decides whether to allow project evaluation.

3. Project Initial Evaluation

The investment team evaluates the entire workforce, risks and assessment related to the investment through client meetings and visits to the project site. The following questions are asked: Is the investment sound financially and economically? Does it comply with HANE's social, economic and livelihood rules?

Have lessons learned from previous investments been taken into account?

Have the necessary disclosure and consultation requirements been met?

How can HANE help generate more revenue and further improve the sustainability of the demolition project or venture?

4. Investment Review

The project team advises HANE department management, who will decide whether to approve the project or not. This is an important stage in the progress of the investment cycle. The team and department management must ensure that the client is willing and able to meet HANE standards and can work with us to improve the sustainability of the project.

5. Negotiations

The project team begins to negotiate the terms and conditions of HANE's participation in the project.

These include payment terms and contracts, performance and monitoring requirements, reconciliation of action plans, and resolution of unresolved issues.

6. Public Disclosure

Project submission, only after project owner's approval, summary of investment information for economic, social and environmental review, may be published on the HANE web pages, where appropriate.

Project Information and Data Portal prior to publication by the Finansör Financial Institution Board for review.

The length of the disclosure period is determined by the environmental category of the project.

7. Board Review and Approval

The project is presented to the Board of Directors of Finansör Finans Kurumu, mediated by Hane with financial advisory. for evaluation and approval through regular or streamlined procedures. "Streamlined" means that Board members review documents but do not meet to discuss the project. This option can be used for low-risk projects that are small enough. Certain small projects may be approved by Finansör Finans Şirketi management under the delegated authority. The due diligence process and public disclosure remain the same in all cases. The Board demands that every investment has economic, financial and development value and reflect HANE's commitment to financial advisory services for sustainability.


HANE and the country, institution or company sign the legal contract for investment in the NCNDA.

This includes the client's agreement to comply with applicable HANE standards, the client is obligated to promptly report any serious accident or death and to provide regular monitoring reports to the client.

The legal agreement will also commit to the client's action plan.

9. Spending of Funds

Funds are generally paid out by Finansör Finans Şirketi on a phased basis or on the condition that certain steps are completed as agreed in the legal agreement.

10. Project Supervision and Development Results Follow-up

We follow the investments we advise to comply with the conditions in the financial partnership or loan agreement. In addition to financial performance, the company provides regular reports on social, economic and environmental performance and information on factors that may materially affect the business. The ongoing dialogue during the audit allows HANE to support its clients both in solving problems and identifying new opportunities. We also monitor the project's contribution to community development according to the key indicators determined at the beginning of the investment cycle.

11. Evaluation

We regularly evaluate the projects for which we provide consultancy services.

HANE can prepare reports to provide annual reviews to help improve our financial management performance

12 . Dismissal and closing of the project

When the entire project is finished and the loan debts are paid, or when we take over the commission, share or assets deducted from the project in the new company we will create with our equity stake, we archive our books related to the project when we leave the project.

  13 . Sustainability

From the project, HANE continues to aim to develop its investment portfolio so that our partners and colleagues can earn continuous financial income, and it aims to earn continuous income from the project at the end of the project.

Our aim is to make investments to contribute to the well-being of people around the world where we strive to carry out large-scale activities, helping individuals live better lives for themselves, their families and the society in which they live.