ASSET Management
Finance Management

For the special financing needs of governments, public institutions, companies or individuals, we always work with our professional financial management team and institutions to strengthen the world economy and for people to live in a more peaceful and prosperous way.

HANE Finance Limited

We define it as financial asset management and investment services consultancy given to add more value to our customers' financial assets.

With these services, alternative investment products such as fixed income investment instruments, bonds, stocks, derivative products, bonds, mutual funds, securities, real estate, vehicles and similar assets and investments are evaluated by considering risk and return. By understanding the expectations of our customers, we aim to earn the highest profit with minimum risk.

In line with your company's growth capital or financial restructuring needs,

National and International Finance Institutions,

Our company's team can provide the long-term financial support consultancy needed during restructuring or adding growth capital to companies through Individual and Institutional Investors.


We aim to increase your company's profitability by analyzing the situation and needs of your company's debts in Financial Institutions by paying attention to information confidentiality, and aiming to produce the most appropriate solutions.

We provide communication between Financial Institutions and your company and provide consultancy within the framework of trust by establishing good mutual relations.

We aim to bring companies together with investors who will provide additional resources and liquidity.

Together with our professional team, we aim to bring individuals and companies into the world economy by creating special solutions for our clients.

Within the scope of HANE Financial Management Consultancy,

It is aimed to increase the turnover by implementing the strategies that will increase the value of your company.

In this context, Cost Optimization,

Revenue Increasing Strategies and Market Strategy are the main topics we work on.

Industry analysis – current situation and future outlook within the scope of 

Financial Management Consultancy project,

Market segments, size and growth potential, Target market analysis, Competition analysis,

Customer segmentation analysis,

Service and product differentiation,

Choosing a new business model for market entry,

Industry regulations and taxation,

We aim to increase your company value by creating value through analysis of market entry alternatives, business development projects, acquisitions, joint ventures, partnerships with local or foreign investors, micro and macro analysis.